The NEXT BIG THING for EXPOs, Trade Shows & Events

  • Super-Fast Check-In
  • Optimized Exhibitor/Sponsor ROI
  • Personalized Participant Interaction
  • Precise Indoor & Pedestrian Navigation
  • Position Specific Relevant Content Engagement

This is what everyone soon will expect of your event!

After several years of continued research and testing, ITM Mobile have partnered with leading experts and hard-ware providers. We’re now providing a complete range of Beacon solutions to match your specific needs.

Beacon Solutions,
the way it’s meant to be!

  • Check-Ins & Lead Retrieval

    Provide Automatic Check-In and Badge Printing.
    Award Session Credits or Track Booth Visitors.

  • Friend Finding / Matchmaking

    Alert participants that have opted-in of what Friends/Contacts are nearby.

  • Indoor Navigation / GPS

    Accurately guide participants to points-of-interests relevant to them.

  • Location Based Engagement

    Deliver position specific content and information relevant to participants based on roles.

  • LIVE Heat-Maps & Foot-Traffic Analysis

    Access event intelligence and analysis never before available or possible to obtain.


Tired of being told you are 80 feet away from your favorite spot when you’re actually already there?
And on top of it all, the place showing up when trying to Check-In, is your favorites fiercest competitor?

True story that has happened far too often – which made our CEO exclaim “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

To make a long story short, we have partnered with leading experts and can offer precise Pedestrian and Indoor Navigation as accurate as 3 ft.
It works similar to GPS but with better precision and indoors as well.

It even knows when you are on an escalator…

Here are some of the key benefits and what you can do with Indoor Navigation:

  • Visual or Audible Navigation – making it easy to find your way even in unfamiliar places.
  • Secure Access – allowing only certain individuals to open or access specific door/gate.
  • Personalized Map and Navigation – based on Areas of Interest, Scheduled Appointments or Selected Favorite Points of Interest.
  • Foot-Traffic Analysis – including Dwell Time, Density Paths and Benchmark Data.
  • LIVE Heat-Maps showing What’s Popular Right Now.
  • VIP and Speaker Arrival Alerts.
  • Position Specific Content Delivery.
  • Location Based Engagement.
  • Friend Finding (with double-opt-in, of course).

Here’s what is required and how it works (less the “secret sauce”)

  • Map / Floor Plan
  • Beacon Installation App
  • 1 Beacon placed approximately every 1,000 square feet
  • Your Custom Branded App – powered by ITM Mobile
  • Participants that have downloaded the App and turned on their Bluetooth

Once Participants enter area that is being covered, Beacon will pick up the signal of that phone. This will either trigger a Location Based Engagement, Content Delivery or Navigation to kick-in and be displayed on their Mobile Device.


  • Double sided tape for temporary or small screws for permanent installs.
  • Sneakers or good walking shoes for person(s) that will install Beacons and walk the suggested paths to “record” the space to be used.
  • Preferably both an Android and iPhone with Beacon installation app downloaded.